My Life Is Perfect

I’m sure you don’t think my life is perfect. But, the thing is, I want you to think it is.

You see, these days, social media gives us this incredible opportunity to create ourselves. It allows us to set up this virtual version of who we are. Profile pictures, statuses, timelines, likes, dislikes, and updates are all available to us to show the world who we are. And if we don’t like how it looks, well, we can change it.

I 100% choose what the world sees of me every day. I untag pictures that aren’t flattering. I accept or ignore friend requests. I provide my favorite bands, movies, and books for your viewing pleasure. I show you my adventures, my travels, and my successes. I try to present the absolute perfect version of me and my life.

But that’s not really me, is it? Not me in my entirety. I’ve left out my bad hair days, my grumpy attitudes, and my boring moments. I’ve hidden ugly photos, not-so-witty comments, and poor judgment calls. I do all of this to convince the world that I have it together, that I am, in some sense of the word, perfect.

I don’t think I do this consciously. I don’t think any of us do. But I’ve realized that even though I know this is true about my virtual self, I’ve forgotten it is true about others. I often fall into the trap of comparing myself to the “perfect lives” of my friends.

Their lives are always perfect. Their hair is always glamorous. Their make-up is always flawless. Their house is always adorable. Their gourmet meals are always stunning. Their kids are always charming. And, I know, that in reality my life is far from perfect. I am far from perfect.

It is impossible to live up to perfection. It is impossible to think my life can constantly be a pin straight from Pinterest. And, yet, I try anyway. It sounds absolutely crazy, doesn’t it? Presenting a false representation of myself to compete with a false representation of someone else? And yet, this is the world we live in – a world of false perfection.

I write this not to depress you, or myself, for that matter. I write this to encourage a fresh perspective. A perspective free from the constraints of false perfections. A perspective that remembers it’s not about how perfect your life is, it’s about remembering that your life is perfect, even in its imperfections.

Let’s stop setting these impossible virtual standards for ourselves. After all, there is nothing more wonderful and perfect than a person who is unapologetically themselves, imperfections and all. Embrace the days that are average. Embrace the flawed make up, the messy hair, and the rough mornings. They are all part of your beautiful, perfect life.


Do you struggle with the concept of perfect? Leave a comment below.


One thought on “My Life Is Perfect

  1. I absolutely agree. I’ve long since given up on social media because I got sick of trying to keep up with everyone’s “perfect life,” and also wanted to actually LIVE my life instead of document it. I’m so much happier now that i’ve let go of all that. If I do post something now, it’s usually to spread awareness about a cause I believe in, or some real life sh*t, not some barbie sh*t. 😛

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