20 Reasons Little Brothers Are The Best

1. You’ve got a playground partner for life.

…also, hippo wrangler. 

2. He’ll always keep it interesting.

…like smiling so angelically one moment then beating us up the next.

3. He’s always got your back.

…no, like literally.

4. Embarrassing pictures are a little less embarrassing with him by your side.

…but, seriously, there are teeth missing and terrible sunglasses. Help.

5. He’ll protect you no matter what the danger.

…pirate costume or no pirate costume.

6. He keeps your secrets.


7. He’ll teach you all about the most important things in life.


8. If you’ve got a good one, he’ll let you experiment with his fashion sense.

…for better or for worse.

9. You will always have someone to take AMAZING pictures with.


10. He knows how to distract the parents.

…so you can get away with all sorts of things.

11. You appreciate the same wonderful aspects of life.

… like FISH.

12. He’ll always just be the cutest kid there ever was.

…because he really was.

13. Together you’ll always be cool.

…even if no one else thinks so.

14. He’ll jump into the unknown with you.

…even if it is a terrible mistake. (A puddle of sandticks.)

15. Alone you’d be weird, but together you’re just awesome.

…Power Rangers for the win.

16. In him, you have found your partner in crime.

…hopefully not literally. What is all over us? I’m scared.

17. You will always be able to bemoan the terrible things your parents put you through.

…Mom and Dad, just say it ain’t so.

18. You share some of your very best memories side by side.

…or side by a side a terracotta soldier.

19. You’ll never be alone even when you’re thousands of miles from home.

…because he’s only a g-chat away or else he’s right next to you.

20. Basically, he’ll just always be your best friend.

…because he gets you, through and through.


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