It’s Gatsby-Inspired | An Event

In May of this year, some friends were having a 1920’s birthday party. In polluted Beijing it’s always nice to have a breath of fresh air by changing up the norm. Also, any excuse to dress up is okay in my book. I pleaded with Leif and eventually he agreed. We were going to the party.

Finding a dress was my number one concern, but I shouldn’t have been worried. Just one quick trip to Jeenwasheen (a huge indoor market in Haidian district) and I had found the perfect dress. The shop owner told me I looked beautiful and I was sold. Given, they always tell me I look beautiful only because I’m white. Oh well, works for me.

Being thrify and a little bit crafty, I linked together two of my pearl necklaces with a safety pin to make a 1920’s style pearl necklace. Then, to tie it all together, I purchased a cheap headband that I thought worked fairly well for over my bangs. Voila, just call me the poor, semi-Chinese Daisy Buchanan.

The party was the bee’s knees. It was complete with snacks, drinks, dancing, a photo booth, and 1920s trivia. Despite the humid Beijing weather, we managed to enjoy ourselves immensely. However, my favorite part was playing with my camera and trying to take some truly Gatsby-inspired shots. The party was too dimly lit, but I managed to get some interesting ones of my husband and I before the party. Enjoy and don’t mind the clearly modern cars in the last picture. 😉

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