A New Season

Three months ago, Leif and I made the long trek around the world back to the United States.

Three months ago, I generally stopped posting about our lives.

Why did I go silent? Mostly because I felt a little lost in my own fears of the unknown. I was afraid people would ask the dreaded, “What’s next?” or the horrible, “What’s your job now?” or the even worse, “Where are you living?” I was living in the blissful idea of if I can’t see you, you can’t see me. Turns out that really doesn’t do a whole lot beyond make you feel cut off from the world.

Well, it’s time to start talking about where we’re at now in our lives. Here we go.

What did you do this summer?

We left Beijing on July 1st, hitting Istanbul, Turkey on our way home.  It was an amazing week of relaxing and adventuring in one of my favorite cities in the world. Then, we were off on a whirlwind of USA travels. First to New York, then Maine, then New York, then Ohio (for my best friend’s wedding), then New York, then Seattle.

What was in Seattle?

Before moving to a New York nursing home, my grandmother lived in Seattle. For the last year, her house had been sitting dormant with her piles and piles of random stuff. My dad and uncle suggested that Leif and I fly out to pack up a U-Haul and help offset shipping costs (as all of the random stuff was coming to New York). THAT was an adventure. Just think about a 26 foot U-Haul making its way through Yellowstone National Park. Yeah. Whoa. Finally, though, we made it back to Geneva, New York.

What’s in Geneva, New York?

My family, for one. But other than that, not a whole lot. Once we arrived back from Seattle, we finally had a moment to breathe. During that breath, we decided it was time to start hitting the wanted ads. We needed to be employed (and stop living with family).

Unfortunately, over the last month, life went insane. As soon as school started, my siblings (almost all six of them) became fully immersed in their sports. That meant big sister, Grace, and big brother-in-law, Leif, had better be at their games since they’d missed so many holidays and birthdays.

And then Dad ended up in the ER, then stayed for the weekend, then went back to the ER, then had gallbladder removal surgery, then stayed for the week, then went back to the ER, then had surgery again.

Meanwhile, Leif and Grace (and Jonan) played Mum and Dad to the kiddos,  and kept searching for jobs.

How’d it feel to be unemployed and living at home?

The worst. And yet, I highly recommend it. It teaches you a lot about what you take for granted – like being employed and having a home you can call your own.

Get to the good stuff…what job did you find?

Okay, okay. Our original plan was to move to the area Leif would be going to school next year, so either Boston or NYC. However, we realized that it would be much easier (and cheaper) to stay out of a city until we need to move.

Leif applied to Fingerlakes Health and had an interview. Then, the fire was under my butt. The same day he had his interview I applied online to a position at Keuka College, a small private college, and five minutes later I was called in for an interview. My interview, two days later, went splendidly and I was hired on the spot. I am already two days into working as an Administrative Assistant for the Admissions department. A few days after his interview, Leif found out he was hired. He will be trained and then working in the hospital in Geneva, New York as a CNA.

We have a plan, finally.

What about where you’re living?

Believe it or not, and honestly I can’t believe it, we’re living in Geneva for the next ten months. We signed a lease on an apartment and we’re moving in this week. It’s a cute duplex with pretty hardwood floors. Loads of space and – get this – a dishwasher! WHAT! America you are treatin’ us right.

How long do you plan to be there?

Leif is currently applying to school for next fall, but if that doesn’t work out, then it will be the following year. So yes, this is just a transition period. A time to adapt to US living and learn how to be married and NOT be around each other 24/7. It’s going to be hard to adjust to not working together all the time. As usual, I never knew how great we had it until everything changed.

Okay, then what’s the long term plan?

Only God knows really. Leif is going to become a physician assistant, and do what he does best – love and help people.  And for me? I’m going to explore this wonderful world. I would love to study and take the FSOT for the State Department. I would also love to get my masters (Certainly one of the reasons I love my new job. Keuka has a great deal for employees on graduate school!) I’m excited to see what opportunities will arise and what direction they will send me.

It’s no China, Mongolia, or Jordan. But, it is a new home that we’re excited to explore together. And, don’t worry, I’ll keep you all updated on all our new adventures.


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