Terracotta Army | China

For our return to Beijing from our adventure in Zhangjiajie, my husband and I decided to stop by Xi’an and see the famous Terracotta Army. I have to be 100% honest – I think we were too worn out to fully enjoy the historical site. Our train ride to Xi’an was a bit of a nightmare (see A Chinese Horror Story), so by the time we arrived I had developed a cold and was a bit done with the whole travel thing. We also accidentally went backwards through the warehouses, even though we had been warned to go the other way. So here I am warning all readers: If you are visiting the army, please go to vault three, two, then one – in that order! The site will be much more impressive that way. Any history buff, however, will still be amazed to see one of the most significant archaeological excavations of the 20th century.

If you have any questions or want advice on visiting the Terracotta Army, feel free to contact me.IMG_6963IMG_6975IMG_6960IMG_6931IMG_6955IMG_6935IMG_6980 (1)IMG_6976 (1)


Harbin | China

My husband and I had the opportunity to escape polluted Beijing for a weekend with some friends. Where did we choose to go? One of the coldest cities on earth for their world-renowned ice festival: Harbin. When I say it was cold, I mean snot-freezing, eyelash-crystalizing, lips-turned-blue cold. The day was no better than the night, but it was worth every second of it. We explored the famous Siberian tiger park in the day, and then ventured into the Harbin Ice Festival that night. As you can see it was absolutely incredible. Seemingly glowing legos that stretched on for miles. Arctic foxes to pet, snow sculptures to admire, and ice palaces to climb. If you’re ready to bundle up, I certainly encourage you to explore Harbin!


If you have any questions or want advice on visiting Harbin, feel free to contact me.


Wadi Rum | Jordan

For my last semester of university, I studied abroad in Amman, Jordan. It was an experience unlike anything I could have dreamed. Although most of the semester was spent studying Arabic,  one particularly lovely weekend, my study abroad cohort and I were able to get away and take a trip to Wadi Rum, Petra, and Aqaba. Though Petra and Aqaba were stunning, Wadi Rum stole my heart. We rode camels through the desert, admired the towering rock formations, drank Bedouin tea, and talked late into the night under the countless stars. If there is one place I hope I am able to return before I die, it is Wadi Rum. One last fun fact is that this is the very place they filmed the movie, The Martian, and I imagine you can see why.

If you have any questions or want advice on visiting Wadi Rum, feel free to contact me.