Delightfully Stuck

For the past two and a half (3?) years, Leif and I have been delightfully stuck.

I say “delightfully” because what else could it have been? We’ve had each other and learned how to survive life as a married couple in the United States. We’ve been conveniently located five minutes from my family and had jobs that paid well enough to buy Snapple whenever we wanted.

I say “stuck” because we haven’t known what to do next. We’ve been hammering on doors and they  have remained resiliently shut. I’ve frequently felt like I did during my freshman year of college, pursuing endless ideas and not loving a single one of them (I may or may not have changed my major a time or two).

“Shall I be an astronaut?!” “Or how about I buy a really expensive camera and pursue photography?!” “No, wait, we can move back to China and be teachers forever!”

While the world had seemed so attainable as a senior in college, suddenly, in the real world, it felt entirely insurmountable. How was I supposed to afford somewhere to live while pursuing dreams?! So, instead, Leif and I settled into the little world we had crawled into and, honestly, it wasn’t so bad.

I had a job with great benefits nestled in the wine country of upstate New York. Leif was exploring the medical field and getting experience for potential graduate school opportunities.We both were able to be involved with our church and run the youth group. We’ve been able to plan fun events and engage with an awesome group of students (including a few of our own siblings). We’ve been able to be there for Bachelor nights, birthday parties, scrabble games, anniversaries,  and holidays. Like, I said. We have been delightfully stuck.

Delightfully Stuck: Like tripping into a bog of Nutella. Or trapped in a car for hours with ten adorable puppies. Or locked in an elevator with  Julie Andrews.

The problem with being delightfully stuck is that, sometimes, you don’t want to become unstuck. You want to stay just like you are, possibly forever. You lose sight that eating Nutella, petting adorable puppies, or singing with Julie Andrews weren’t actually your life goals. Whoops.

And then you get the kick in the pants you needed to remind you that no matter how delightful it has been, everything has its season. And you should really get unstuck before you drown in Nutella, get nipped by the dogs, or Julie Andrews goes berserk because she’s been stuck with you for too long.

Recently, Leif and I had our time-to-get-unstuck moment and made some big, exciting decisions.


I enrolled this August for a Masters at George Washington University’s Elliot School of International Affairs. Leif is enrolling next spring for a Masters in Ministry.

So, yep, we moved to D.C. 



While we were SUPER excited for our next big step, there were plenty of things freaking us (mostly me) out. Like $$$ and, oh yeah, $$$$. But we’ve certainly learned that when God opens doors, you need to walk right through them and nail them to the wall with confidence.

Since arriving in the D.C. area, we still have thousands of unknowns.  We’ve relied mostly on generous family and each other as we walk through each step of this new path. It’s immensely scary taking off on new adventures, but I’ve found that the scary adventures are the ones that usually take you to the most amazing places.

I hope that if any of you are delightfully stuck right now, you have people telling you to enjoy it. While it’s good that people come along and help pull you out, I hope there are equally the number of people who come along and simply enjoy the Nutella with you. That they remind you there may never be another time in your life where you’ll have this incredible chance to be delightfully stuck.

Because I promise, as soon as you’re free, you’ll miss it.



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