We met shortly after college, fell in love while dating long distance, then settled out Far East (Beijing, China to be exact.) Spontaneous adventurers, we were ready to take over the world. After getting over jet lag (we’re the worst with jet lag) we spent a year of teaching ESL at a high school in Beijing. We couldn’t have asked for a better first year of marriage filled with traveling, learning, and laughing. After that year, we made the six suitcase move back to the United States to begin our responsible adult lives. Since then we have been pursuing more education and eventually plan to move back overseas to learn, grow, and help people in whatever way we can.

But, for now, responsible adult life in the U.S.


July 20, 2013

Leif aims to work in ministry.
Grace aims to work for a nonprofit or government agency overseas.

Grace claims nomadic upbringing.
Leif claims Ellsworth, Maine.

Grace loves acting, singing, writing, photography, and chai.
Leif loves basketball, ultimate frisbee, tennis, a good film, and his beard. & both are obsessed with their kitties, Lumos and Nox.

Eventually travel to and live in all the different continents.
Live in a loft apartment.
Own a Jeep Wrangler.











Welcome! My husband and I are currently in the Washington, D.C. metro area of the USA, spending time taking on more education before we’re off on our next adventure. We spend every free moment enjoying each other’s company and pursuing our passions, but also love to relax, drink some coffee, and listen to people’s life stories.

Speaking of life stories, if you’re interested in some stories that have made me who I am check out:  Good Grief and What To Expect When You’re Not Expecting .

If you’re looking more for blogs on expat life, you’ll find them in posts like: 10 Things I Miss About America and 5 Things I Love In China But Hate In America.

Thanks for dropping by, and leave a comment or two so I know you were here!

5 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Grace! I’m writing from Mongolia. I have just read your article about Mongolia. I’m so impressed of you. I work as a Tourist manager in UB. Until now, I have heard a few compliments about Mongolia from my tourists. But you are different, I’m so happy to hear that you loved my country. We really proud of our country and tradition. I wish you best of luck and happiness in your life. Please come back to Mongolia again. We would happy to greet you again 🙂 BR, Degi

  2. Hi Gracee! I stumbled upon your Mongolia post as I was researching about it since I’m gonna be going there for a missionary work. Obviously, you got me hooked that I even checked this “About” page. 🙂 Would like to get some first-hand experience from you regarding the people there. I got a great idea about the environment but I’m gonna be there for the people so would really appreciate some tips 🙂 Email me jonairepublica@gmail.com Im from Philippines 🙂

  3. Hello, I am a writer, loved your Geneva blog, I am currently writing an article about City Manager Matt Horn and Geneva. I would love to talk with you this weekend! I had to sign in with my e-mail, please contact me. Thanks! Nancy

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