(dis)graced: pt 3

I am sure we all have stories that we reflect on from our childhood and see how they shaped us, molded us. This is one of those. I wish I could remember all the details, but honestly, they’re a bit fuzzy. I think what is most critical for you to know is this: I received this letter when I was a young teenager. And, honestly, … Continue reading (dis)graced: pt 3

(dis)graced: an intro

I have written a lot recently, and I have posted none of it. My words have sat in my blog’s drafts collecting dust for months. I have deleted, revised, and almost clicked “publish” a dozen times. To have opinions, in a world that is already so loud with others’ opinions, feels selfish. Or worse yet, I fear that my words will fall on deaf ears … Continue reading (dis)graced: an intro

Good Grief | A Personal Post

April 26, 1998.

I sat on the chair feeling terrible. My mother had specifically invited me to the Ladies’ Luncheon to hear her speak, but I just didn’t want to go anymore. My brother and dad were going to McDonald’s. McDonald’s. My desire to be a “big girl” and go to the special lunch suddenly seemed incredibly boring next to the idea of jumping around in a ball pit at McDonald’s. Maybe Mom would understand? Continue reading “Good Grief | A Personal Post”