10 Things To Stop Sharing On Facebook

I love social media. I really do. I have been grateful for it since the day I left Mongolia. It has kept me connected to friends all over the globe and I’m not sure what I would do without it. But, as time goes on, I have come to the conclusion that social media is crossing some serious boundaries. From behind the safety of a monitor, people cross social boundary lines as if it were a hopscotch game. I like hopscotch as much as the next person, but I think it’s time for something to give a little.

So here are my suggestions for 10 Things To Stop Sharing On Facebook.

1. Your Relationship Complications

I’m the first one to admit that relationships are hard. I’m sure you and your boyfriend are going through a rough time. But, come on, there has got to be a better place to hash it out than on your Facebook statuses. Talking it through in person might be a little more effective. Just a thought.

2. Your Excessive Lovey-Dovey Talk

On the opposite end of the relationship spectrum, we have the awkward lovers. You know the type. The ones who only put up statuses about each other. The couple where you’re a little worried if they know how to type anything other than hearts and kissy faces. Hey kids, save the uncomfortable messages for your private texts. Thanks.

3. Your Selfie after Selfie after Selfie

You’re beautiful. We get it.

4. Your Exact Weight Loss

It’s so great that you’re exercising and losing weight! The world is 100% behind you, especially someone like me who struggles to ever got off my lazy bum. But why are you telling us exactly how much you weigh? I completely understand saying how many pounds you lost. But the exact number of your weight? There is beauty in mystery.

5. Your Awkward Medical Questions

My family and I played truth or dare two weeks after I married my husband. I was unfortunately dared by my brother to post an incredibly embarrassing status and, being the trooper that I am, I posted it. It went something like: “Does anyone know any home remedies for yeast infections?” To my shock and horror, it was a believable status! Apparently this is something people actually post about. My Facebook exploded with people giving advice. Some advising home remedies, others advising to keep my private affairs private. I am in agreement. Yikes.

6. Your Naked Pregnant Belly

Pregnancy can be beautiful. It is a really fascinating part of the motherhood process and I completely understand wanting to document it. I’ve even seen some pregnancy photography that is truly a work of art. However, the pictures where the mothers are showing off their naked pregnant bellies to the world are unnecessary. I promise I’ll see your baby when you have it, no need to get me as close as possible right now.

7. Your Labor

And what better to follow pregnancy, than the birth of a baby. I know you’re really excited about the adorableness that is about to join your family. I understand, truly. But, you need to know, your baby isn’t adorable yet. And you informing the world that you are five centimeters from pushing, is five centimeters of gross.

8. Your Drunk Night

No way! You got totally drunk last night and have a wicked hangover this morning? It’s crazy how that happens. Now, please stop posting about it and take some Tylenol.

9. Your Great Grades

I’m so guilty of this one. I’m that person who posted a picture of myself with my 4.0 mug. Nobody likes that person. I think those of us who have no lives and study too hard just want to feel better about ourselves. I apologize. Next time I need that much of an ego boost, I’ll just go brag to my parents who might actually care. Maybe.

10. Your Political Arguments

I completely understand having strong political views. I definitely have a bunch of them. And I would even go so far as to say that it’s fine to post statuses about them. That’s totally your prerogative. However, getting into an argument with commenters on your status can just get ugly. You’re not changing anyone’s mind and it’s uncomfortable for everyone. No reason to start a war.

I know I am as guilty as the next person when it comes to sharing most of these things on Facebook. I think this may just be a desperate plea to be held accountable to my craziness.


Are there other issues you’d rather people stopped sharing online? Leave a comment below.


3 thoughts on “10 Things To Stop Sharing On Facebook

  1. Totally agree on all counts and would like to add please refrain from posting your whereabouts (usually some restaurant worthy of name dropping or the doctors/hospital… Waiting for people to go… Omg! What’s happened?!) or how much you hate your job or clients(unprofessional and off putting… No one wants a Brazilian wax from a beautician with a penchant for sharing on FB)

  2. Fantastic points. Couldn’t agree more. To the list I would add most posts that are intended to be prayers or 100% directed to God/Jesus. We get it. You are very spiritual and we all admire you for it. But surely there are better ways to get in contact with the Creator of the universe than hashtagging “Jesus” in your Facebook status. I don’t imagine Jesus has a Twitter account either. Something about a prayer closet from the Bible comes to mind (see Matthew 6:6).

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